Humber Room: new look, new menu

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Life

The humber room's grand opening after renovations.

The humber room’s grand opening after renovations.

The newly renovated North campus restaurant staffed by Humber culinary and hospitality students opened Jan. 20, with a new menu for the winter semester.

“This will be what I call the third incarnation of The Humber Room,” said manager Richard Pitteway.  “Twelve years ago was the first renovation we did, and this is now a brand new Humber Room.”

The restaurant officially re-opened last October, fully refurbished with new tables, chairs, washrooms, bar, and a private dining room, Pitteway said. “Everything from the floor to the ceiling has changed.”

The menu freshly created for the winter semester is complete with vegetarian, wheat-free and healthy choice items, said head chef Shonah Chalmers, adding it makes use of as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible.

“Once the nice spring comes we’ve got the Arboretum and a garden outside that we can use to pull from,” said Chalmers. “We get some of our smaller vegetables, lettuces and herbs from there.”

This semester, patrons can also look forward to special menus at lunch service every Wednesday and Thursday, she said.

“Apprentices come in to do their Chef’s tables,” explained Chalmers. “They prepare a three-course menu and get to run the kitchen their way.”

Culinary, hospitality management, and food and beverage students run the Humber Room, which means customers get to enjoy high quality food and service at a bargain price.  At a fine dining restaurant, these entrees would be priced at $35, according to chef Trevor Meynert. The Humber Room offers them for no more than $14.

“The great thing that (customers) can take away is that they’re in a classroom,” Pitteway said. “They’re helping students get their lessons done and giving them the great real-world experience they need before they go into the industry.”

Masha Fechshenko, 18, a first-year hospitality management student, was among the diners who made it in for opening day lunch service.

“Service was a little disorganized but I still enjoyed the meal,” said Fechshenko.  “And every week they will get better and better.”

Reservations at the North campus Humber Room can be made online at, or by phone at 416-675-5012.