HSF presidential by-election: The candidates

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Federal Election, News

By Samantha Singh
HSF Reporter

For the first time in Humber Students’ Federation history, Humber College students will vote between Sept. 26 and 30 in a second attempt to elect a President to lead the student organization from mid-October to April.

Last year at the Annual General Meeting students voted not to accept the results of a presidential election that was marred with controversy.

HSF is currently relying on its other executives; vice-presidents Ahmed Tahir, Odin Von Doom, Candace Pellow and Dylan Rudder; for much of the presidential responsibilities.

“Our VPs have being doing a fantastic job over the summer, really working hard, especially without having the president,” said Eric Collings, Chair of Board of Directors for HSF.

“Our constitution is pretty specific on in a by-election situation what those parameters are…we have to have an election by the end of September, so we’re right up against it on the final date,” said HSF Executive Director Ercole Perrone.

The four candidates that are running in the presidential by-election are Patrick Millerd, Thomas Walton, Shawn Manahan and Ali Zaidi.

Patrick Millerd. Photo by Samantha Singh.

Patrick Millerd. Photo by Samantha Singh.

Patrick Millerd

  • Comedy writing and performance program, second year, 26, Lakeshore
  • Proposes online threaded forum where everyone has equal say and can post their ideas and discussion and also, student transit discounts.
  • “ Giving a voice to students and everyone in general is important to being free in a society. I think that if enough of the student body wants something to be done, it should be something that we should actually try our best to accomplish. I love this school, it’s huge but it’s good. I think there’s a lot of potential here. Let’s go Hawks! And all of that rah-rah jazz. “
Thomas Walton. Photo by Samantha Singh.

Thomas Walton. Photo by Samantha Singh.

Thomas Walton

  • International Business program, second year, 18, Lakeshore
  • Proposes lowering student fees, structured cultural student events, renewable energy products such as solar cells and wind turbines.
  • “I want to be able to make a difference, make an impact on the student body and lead the office…I see it as coming to a potluck, instead of showing up empty handed. I want to bring food to the table and I want everyone to enjoy.”
Shawn Manahan. Photo by Samantha Singh.

Shawn Manahan. Photo by Samantha Singh.

Shawn Manahan

  • Business Administration program, third year, 25, North
  • Third time campaigning, founded Enactus Humber, a volunteering mentoring program, and Hawk House, a Humber fraternity
  • Participated in the Ontario Colleges Marketing Team, a competition for the Humber Business school
  • “I’m always really interested in college is more than just classes, it’s networking and family.”
Ali Zaidi. Photo by Samantha Singh.

Ali Zaidi. Photo by Samantha Singh.

Ali Zaidi

  • Paralegal Education program, second year, 22, North
  • Fourth year working with HSF as customer service representative to students
  • Advocacy of students: parking and healthier food options
  • “I’ve been working with the student body for HSF and I want to have a bigger say in how HSF runs and make a bigger impact on student life.”

Rob Gemmell and Saurabh Kanda are campaigning to fill the positions available for Board of Directors at North campus.

Voting polls will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Sept. 26 and close Sept. 30, and the winners will be announced by Sept. 30 at 4 p.m. on the HSF website.