Humber partnerships helping students with their services

by | Oct 24, 2014 | News

Natalia Vega
News Reporter

Humber Students’ Federation has major partnerships, with Campus Dental, Studio Nostalgia and the Gender Based Violence Prevention Tool Kit.

Ercole Perrone, HSF executive director, said Campus Dental has a permanent residence on campus, whereas Studio Nostalgia, a graduation photography provider, moves to different campuses.

The GBV Tool Kit is different from the other services.

“Essentially, we partnered with Humber College and an external group called Urban Alliance On Race Relations about two years ago and we developed a gender based violence prevention plan,” Vanessa Silaphet, HSF Special Projects coordinator, said.

Odin von Doom, vice president of Student Affairs for North campus, said hiring businesses makes it easier for students to get access to certain services at a fair price.

“It’s to do things with it that (students) can’t do on their own, or at least it’ll be far more expensive as an individual than it is for us to afford collectively,” he said.

Registered hygienist and owner of Campus Dental Marcy Skribe said the clinic opened in January 2009.

“We just started with one room and I think HSF wanted to make sure that it was a service that the students really wanted and of course I wanted the same,” she said.

The clinic is independently run and follows the Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide when the dentist is in on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the Ontario Hygienists’ Association Fee Guide the rest of the week.

Studio Nostalgia owner Eva Niederdorfer said the company has been partners with Humber since the 2012-2013 school year; the contract ends August 2015.

“Essentially we provide graduation photography for Humber College. That photography takes place by appointment throughout the academic school year,” Niederdorfer said.

“What we agreed to do is to provide a website in which students can make their appointments, view their proofs and order their packages,” she added.

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