Humber bands get their big shot with BOTM

by | Oct 30, 2015 | A&E

Allyyssa Sousa-Kirpaul
Arts Reporter

Humber student bands have a chance to be a Band of the Month (BOTM) next year on 96.9 FM Radio Humber.

Kylee Winn, a first-year digital communications student at Lakeshore campus and promotions coordinator of BOTM, said they are always looking for new bands to promote, including Humber-based bands.

Winn said Humber bands need their CanCon (Canadian content), which is a requirement for CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) to show Radio Humber they are a Canadian band. The band must also have some professional photos and an album or single the station can play.

“We’re the first step until they get to the bigger stations,” said Winn.

Being BOTM is a stepping stone for many emerging bands. Radio Humber was the first to interview indie rock band Glorious Sons from Kingston, Ont. Not long after, they were nominated for a Juno this year for Rock Album of the Year.

Radio students record videos of each band on the North campus. They recently recorded Ivory Hours, an alternative pop band from London, Ont., for October’s BOTM. Ivory Hours performed an acoustic version of their song “I Won’t” in the Arboretum.

“The director of the Arb saw us one day and she was like, ‘This is great, we always wanted stuff like this happening around here,’” said Winn. “It’s built up our overall brand and our status and presence on campus.”

The BOTM promotion also gives radio broadcasting students experience on interviewing skills and exposure to more contacts in the radio field.

“I always tell the bands that you never know because we don’t know who you will turn out to be and you never know who these kids will turn out to be,” said Winn. “In a year’s time these second years will be working across Canada.”

“It will give me some more experience and I can add it onto my resume and it will show that I know how to interview celebrities and certain people,” said Sarah Ferreira, a second-year radio broadcasting student.

Tori Fixman, a fellow second-year radio broadcasting student, interviewed bands for BOTM in the summer.

“It helps you with your interviewing skills and just kind of professionalism in the business and dealing professionally with bands,” Fixman said.

“It’s fun to get to know people you didn’t know literally a week before and you’re told this is the band you’re interviewing,” Fixman said. “You do some research and then you get to know them even more on a personal level.”

The BOTM’s for this year have already been chosen by the students last semester, but station workers are excited to start the process again next year.