iOS 10 lauches with minor updates and mixed reviews

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Biz/Tech, Life

Michelle Halim


Apple CEO Tim Cook created a lot of hype with the release of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus during the awaited keynote presentation.

Cook said it was the “biggest iOS release ever,” at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, on Sept. 7 during the address.

Apple made a number of minor changes with its iOS 10, including with the lock screen for the phones. Users no longer swipe right to unlock their phone, but can now press the home button instead.

With the update, a swipe right on the lock screen brings up the widgets page, which shows apps such as weather, sports and news. Instead of swiping up on the lock screen to open the camera, users now need to swipe to the left.

Apple also redesigned some of the features in the iMessage app, which now features bigger emojis, accompanied by new doodles and stickers.

Not all iPhone users will be affected by the update of Apple Music as many people opt to use different apps for their music. But changes to the popular Apple app help keep songs better organized and easier to look through.

Not everyone is enthused about the updates.

“With iOS 10 I think the new way to unlock your phone by tapping the home button is convenient, but it wasn’t entirely necessary. I don’t like the changes they made to the music library — it was set up more clearly on iOS 9,” said Ryan Suknandan, a Media Studies student at University of Guelph-Humber.

Meanwhile, a significant change with the new Photos app now makes it capable of detecting faces in your pictures, then creating a folder called “people” where it will gather together all photos with a certain person’s face in it.

The first page of the control centre can manage your brightness, night shift, flashlight and all the things it used to do. Now when users swipe right, they can control the music they’re playing, and if they swipe right again they will be able to manage the HomeKit app.

Among many more adjustments the new iOS, the clock app has been discussed the least. The improved clock app changes colour depending on the time of day. At night it becomes black and orange so that it doesn’t cause as much strain on the eyes.

Another perk iOS 10 has to offer is that it will give iPhone users more space because the system uses less memory.

Breanne Burns, a Humber Biology student says, “iOS 10 was a major upgrade all around. One key feature was that it made messaging a little more fun. I enjoy using it every day and would highly recommend people to upgrade.”