Walking the fine line of scoring goals and acing exams

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Life, Sports

Ryann Kahler


Student athletes have a highly demanding role compared to the average academic student. Athletes have to not only do well on the field, but maintain a strong grade point average.

For some student athletes it can be tough to juggle both academics and sport, while others have managed to figure out the perfect balance.

To motivate students to succeed in both sport and academics, the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association offers a National Scholar Award to all student athletes with outstanding academic accomplishments while playing a varsity sport.

Among the 94 CCAA institutions and the 856 student athletes who won a national scholar award, 23 of them were Humber College athletes.

Having good time management skills enables students to balance academics and have a social life as well.

Rebekah Alto, a Humber nutrition and healthy lifestyle student, is among the winners who figured out a balance between athletics and school life.

“Balancing requires a lot of time management. I have two agendas, one little one and one big one. Whatever goes on my little one, also goes on my big one, and that’s how I keep all my stuff organized,” said Alto.

Alto took a year and a half at Guelph University studying the same thing. However, athletics were not in the picture. She said Humber offers a greater form of academic support for varsity students compared to Guelph.

“Humber has a great support system and varsity academic advisors who help coordinate with me missing midterms,” said team member Rachel Spratt, a national scholars winner.

“Doing more things at once helps keep me focused,” Spratt said.

Given that student athletes have a rigorous schedule that requires planning, discipline and sacrifice, some people in athletics believe the balance between the demands shouldn’t be equal.

Academics are the most important thing, as studies and students come first, while athletics come second, according to Mauro Ongaro, the head coach of the women’s soccer team.

Key Suggestions:

Keep an Academic Calendar with important dates circled

Avoid procrastinating, finish tasks as soon as possible

Eat a Balanced diet and get lots of sleep