3D Animation grad finds success with Toronto studio

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Biz/Tech

Jayvon Mitchum, Biz-Tech reporter

Fadi Sara, a Humber 3D Animation graduate, had the chance to work as a layout artist on a movie starring Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

The sci-fi movie Ad Astra was released in September and made $127 million in the box office.

3D Animation graduate Fadi Sara.

Sara said he was given the opportunity when the visual effects company he works for called Mr. X Inc. got “awarded” the chance to work on Ad Astra.

“I was approached by our production teams at work and was told that it was going to be coming in,” he said. “They briefed me on the scope of the work and requested I work on it due to the short timeline.” 

Sara is the lead of the tracking department and is responsible for training new employees in the department as well for Mr. X Inc., a Toronto-based visual effects studio. He was hired by the company immediately after graduating Humber in April 2015 with a degree in 3D Animation. 

Mr X Inc. won the best visual effects for a TV show at the Canadian Screen Awards every year between 2015 to 2019 with the show Vikings. Sara has been working on the show since 2016.

Sara has worked on the visuals of some of the biggest movies and TV shows over the course of being in the film industry for four and a half years.

The list of works includes Shazam, The Shape of Water, Hellboy (2019), American Gods, Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Boys and Inhumans,all of which had his studio’s imprint on it. 

Sara, who also graduated from Seneca in 2010 with a certificate in Art Fundamentals, had advice for current animation students.

“Always be willing to learn and expand,” he said. “You’ll never know everything, the industry changes and moves too fast… always be on your toes.”  

He also said networking was important for him to succeed. 

“Always be willing to go out and meet people,” he said. “Look up events for the industry and attend them. Connections are massive in this industry.”

Sara is working on upcoming projects destined to hit 2020, including a film called Monster Hunter.