OPSEU rally draws 1000s outside Ministry of Education

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Campus News, Faculty Strike, Headlines

Dan Caudle
Managing Editor

Standing in solidarity, nearly one thousand people gathered outside the Ontario Ministry of Education office in Toronto to speak out on the OSPEU faculty strike.

As the strike entered day 10, JP Hornick, chair of CAAT-A bargaining team, spoke to the crowd about the importance of faculty rights.

“This is about making our colleges better places to work, but the best places to learn in Ontario,” said Hornick.

With hopes to get the government to intervene and end the strike, the protestors chanted slogans and held signs.

Teachers and students alike spoke out on the crucial need to end the strike and have the demands met between the negotiating parties.

Students present at the rally were upset about the strike but were understanding in what Ontario’s faculty members were fighting for.

With students and faculty members wanting to be back into classrooms, it is only a matter of time before a decision is reached.

The College Employer Council (CEC), which bargains on behalf of colleges, anticipates a larger rally will be held if an agreement is not met by next week.

Unless an agreement is met the next rally will be held at Queens Park on Thursday.

Video shot and edited by Brett McGarry