Humber working to reschedule events cancelled during strike

by | Dec 3, 2017 | A&E, Campus News

Paul F. Schubert
Arts Reporter

The Ontario colleges strike forced Humber College to cancel many of its events, leading IGNITE to find an appropriate time to reschedule them for the enjoyment of the students.

Steve Bellamy the Chair of the School of Creative and Performing Arts at Humber College said that there were some notable performances that were cancelled in the midst of the strike’s occurrence.

“We had the Humber 50th anniversary celebration booked at Koerner Hall downtown,” Bellamy said. “Although that wasn’t cancelled, it’s been postponed.”

He said that other concerts and theatre performances have been postponed to later dates, like R&B Night and The Poetry Project.

“Some performances in theatre and in music are being rescheduled to the new semester,” Bellamy said.
Although not all of the dates have been finalized yet, Bellamy said.

The Program Director for the Bachelor of Music program at Humber, Denny Christianson knew a handful of the newly rescheduled dates.

“R&B Night will be on Friday, the 23rd of February,” Christianson said. “Vocal Jazz will take place on the 23rd of March.”

He also said that a World Jazz concert would take place on the Feb.9, along with a Latin Jazz concert on Jan. 19.
Christianson mentioned that all of the student concerts will take place at the Lakeshore campus in Room 128 of the Auditorium.

Tatiana Jennings who serves as the Program Director of the Theatre Performance Program said that her program was hit with some events that were to be rescheduled.

“We have managed to salvage everything, but things got moved,” Jennings said.

“We were supposed to have a show on the week of December 1st. That show will be opened on January 15th.”
Jennings mentioned that she will direct another Humber play, which will be shown in April.

Bellamy said that some of the student-led events – such as the performances from the Comedy students at Yuk Yuk’s have continued on a regular basis.

Bellamy said that his favourite concerts are ones where he gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their skill sets at events like concerts and plays.