4DX movie experience comes to Toronto

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Biz/Tech

Sulaiman Akbari


Grab a seat, get the popcorn, and prepare for an adventurous movie experience.

Cineplex Cinemas’ anticipated new 4DX movie experience splashed onto the scene a couple of weeks ago with the debut of Marvel’s Doctor Strange at Cineplex’s Yonge-Dundas location.

The Yonge and Dundas Street location is the first movie theatre in Canada to have the new 4DX technology.

The 4DX experience adds motion and environmental effects to correspond with the movie. The effects include motion seats, vibration, water, rain, snow, wind, lightning, and scent effects.

First-year Humber College computer engineering student Quentin Amina, 18, said the new experience would entice him.

“The added effects sure does get me excited to watch an action-pack film in 4DX,” Amina said. “It will definitely make me feel like I am in the movie.”

Ellis Jacob, president and CEO of Cineplex Entertainment, has high hopes for the 4DX technology.

“We’re passionate about offering our guests new entertainment choices and we’re proud that today we can officially add 4DX to our growing list of premium movie experiences,” he said.

Amina said this the way to go with advancements in technology.

“It was bound to happen,” he said. “Technology has come so far and the 4DX technology shouldn’t come as a surprise.”

Amina said Cineplex has given Canadians more options to watch a movie on the big screen, in 3D, IMAX 3D, in the VIP section, and now 4DX.

Third-year Humber College accounting student Joshua Balana, 19, said he is not a fan of this new technology.

“I prefer watching a movie on a large screen because I want to watch it in the comfort of my seat,” Balana said.

Balana said he thinks it takes away the original movie experience.

“I know it is meant to enhance someone’s experience but to me it just ruins it,” he said.

Balana said he thinks Cineplex is trying to offer a new taste to everyone with the 4DX experience.

“This is a good opportunity for Cineplex to see and follow the trends of movie experience and technology,” he said. “Yes, it’s in its early stages but it’s only a matter of time when this becomes a mainstream service.”

Both Balana and Amina said they will try the 4DX experience but it would only be a few times a year.

For regular movie-goers, 4DX is going to cost you. The ticket alone is around $25 but with food, a night at the movies could be around $50.