IGNITE offers students help to resolve disputes

by | Feb 4, 2019 | IGNITE, News

Sydnee Walcott, News Reporter

In life there’s going to be conflict, but there should also be a way to resolve the problem.

To give students hands on experience on counselling and to also help the students on campus with any issues that they have, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program partnered with IGNITE, to launch the Dispute Resolution on Jan. 24. 

Whether a student is experiencing an issue on campus, such as how they’re doing in the program or off campus, including disputes with a landlord, Humber is here to help them. 

A representative from the Alternative Dispute Resolution post-graduate program will be available to listen and offer guidance for students on their issues starting Jan. 29, every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at both the North and Lakeshore campus’ IGNITE offices.

“We want students to come here and focus on their studies and build lasting relationships and reap all the benefits that school has to offer,” said Mary Lee, the program coordinator for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Graduate Certificate Program. “We don’t want them to have to be bogged down and worried about something that might be distracting them.”

She said the clinic was five years in the making with services offering conflict coaching, free mediations services, and delivering conflict managing workshops to students at Humber. 

“A lot of good things can come out of conflict, you just need to be able to have the skills and the training and the know-how to be able to turn a destructive conflict into a constructive conflict,” Lee said.

The students of this program are trained as community mediators, which means they have those basic skills and knowledge that are needed to help students with their issues. 

Jordyn Dias-McGowan, the service coordinator with IGNITE, said there were two purposes in creating the Dispute Resolution Clinic. 

The first is to give students of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, hands-on experience and a work opportunity, and the second is to give students a place to go for guidance, she said.

“Everyone has conflict, no matter if it’s at home, at school or in the workplace,” Dias-McGowan said.

Jessie Kuno, a post grad student in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, said the program offers her the practice and skills she needs in handling conflict.

“Part of the reason why I chose Humber and why I chose to do a college program is because I wanted hands-on experience,” she said. 

The service free and confidential. Students can either book an appointment online through the IGNITE website or drop in at one of the offices at either campuses.