Humber Lakeshore’s Cricket Captain is winning big

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Feature, Sports

Alan Sebastian
Sports Reporter

Captain of the Lakeshore Cricket Team and a Humber College Global Business Management student, Akhil Scaria, 22, has been bringing home trophies and has two awards under his sleeve.

Hailing from Kerala, India he caught Cricket fever when he was just a boy, and his father encouraged him to continue playing the sport to lose weight

“My dad loved the sport and took me to Nehru Stadium in my hometown where a regular guy would coach kids,” says Scaria.

Being a pretty plump kid, Scaria was slow, and was told by his coach to lose weight if he wanted to stay on the team, which he did.

In 2014-15 while playing for Kerala’s South Zone team, Scaria suffered from injuries and his dream to play professionally was crushed.

“The doctor told me that I won’t be able to play professional cricket for two years. I was quite upset but that was followed by my move to Canada,” he says.

After enrolling in Humbers he searched for a sport he could pursue, amd Scaria came across trials for the indoor Lakeshore Cricket team. After speaking to the coach and performing well, he was readily selected. That same year he won the 2015 Rookie of the Year award at Humber’s annual athletic banquet.

The 2016 season saw him being crowned Captain of the Cricket team, and has had a string of impressive match wins ever since.

The Lakeshore team has won eight out of the 12 matches they’ve played this year. Furthermore, Scaria’s captaincy helped the Hawks beat the undefeated Centennial Colts at Cenntennial College.

“[Centennial] has never been defeated at a Champion’s Trophy (a competition among cricket teams across GTA colleges) and beating them is one of the highlights of my captaincy,” he says.

Scaria also has pride over beating Humber’s North campus cricket team because “it’s very intense with the North campus. Before every match we’re told that it doesn’t matter if we get the trophy or not, as long as we beat the North team.” Scaria has managed to win thrice against them.

Scaria’s achievements don’t stop there. In the 2016-17 Athletics Banquet, Scaria not only won the Most Valuable Player award for the team but also lifted the trophy for the most Sportsman-like Player of the Year.

“It’s very prestigious because this award is for a sportsman across all the sports teams at Humber. I am so glad to have won it,” he says.