A buck for a book

by | Apr 22, 2019 | News

Kevaughn Wilson and Rachael Taylor, News Reporters

Humber’s School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism hosted a Buck for a Book event today at the North campus Concourse.

Kellie Elliot, the host of the event, said proceeds of the book sale go to Earnestine’s Women’s Shelter.

“This is a yearly event we do to promote reading for students and provide necessary help for women and children suffering from abuse,” she said.

Humber’s School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism hosted a buck a book event today with proceeds going to the Ernestine Women’s Shelter. (Rachael Taylor)

A plethora of books was on display for students to search and choose one of their liking.

Each book was being sold for only a dollar with all proceeds going to the Earnestine’s women’s shelter.

For every $100 donated, the shelter will provide a woman who’s newly moving into a home with groceries and necessary materials.

Second-year Business Administration student Ramis Zaheer said he was excited about the event.

Poster announcing the Buck for a Book sale at Humber College’s North campus. (Kevaughn Wilson)

“I needed some new books to read at a low price,” he said. “It’s even better when you know your money is for a good cause, it’s a win-win.”

There were many different genres of books on display which intrigued most of the attendees.

Writing Centre employee Monique Melbourne says she couldn’t help but stop by the sale.

“I love reading books and I am constantly looking for new, engaging ones, so this is my cup of tea,” she said.