Acapella group preforms at Lakeshore campus

by | Oct 28, 2016 | News

Chelsea Mendes

Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Four men with four microphones and no instruments ran onto Humber Lakeshore’s stage on Wednesday afternoon.

And Humber students got to aca-rock with Cadence, a Toronto based acapella group.

“Their harmonies were tight and it was amazing that all of that sound was just coming from four people,” said Joel Lewcyznski, a Humber student in his third year of the music program.

David Lane, Ross Lynde, Lucas Marchand, and Kurt Sampson wowed the crowd at the noon show with their upbeat energy and contagious choruses. They even got students involved by having them sing along to covers from Eric Clapton, Justin Bieber, The Beatles, and the Beach Boys.

Acapella karaoke, so to speak.

“We like to communicate with people when we’re on stage, and give them a taste of who we are,” said Marchand, Cadence’s tenor vocalist.

The group has been moving audiences and selling out shows for about 20 years.

Lewcynski has been attending each public concert at the Lakeshore campus Wednesday music series since his first year at Humber.

“I want students to be inspired (when they come to the show),” said Liza Martinelli, the head of voice in the music department at Humber.

Martinelli said if music students want a career in music, then they should go out and meet live musicians.

This is why she helps with the organization of the concert series.

Martinelli said the concert series has been going on for about a decade now and reveals no signs of waning since shows with successful groups like Cadence bring an audience from outside of Humber to the theatre.

Barbara Tiernay says she’s been attending the concert series with her husband for about eight years now.

“The instructors, the musicians and the students are great, I’ve never been disappointed by a performance,” Teirnay said.