Adobe apps make images mobile

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Biz/Tech

Rebecca Pilozo-Melara
Biz/Tech Reporter

The latest app released by Adobe is making it a lot easier for users to get work done on the go.Adobe launched four categories of apps: illustration, imaging, video, and capture, which all correspond to its Creative Cloud service.

Kevin Brandon, coordinator of Humber’s Graphic Design program College has been an Adobe programs user since 1988. “Adobe is making mobile apps more powerful, and productive. It is so efficient to have the ability to have creative tools with you at all times,” he said.

Brandon said that the new Adobe apps integrate with the user’s desktop counterpart applications.  “With the release of these apps Adobe hooks you into their month/yearly subscription plan to their Adobe Creative Cloud, this subscription allows you a great opportunity to create and access your design assets in both the mobile apps and your desktop applications,” said Brandon.

Users like Vincent Dylan Defreita, 21, a second year Humber creative photography student enjoy having mobile accessibility to the Adobe photo apps.

Defreita said he is able to accomplish just as much on the app as he can on a desktop.

“I use all the adobe programs for my course load and it makes it a lot easier to be able to access it. If I’m not stationary at my desk I can continue my work wherever I am, and get stuff done a lot quicker,” he said.

Erin Riley, part-time Humber basic photography instructor said Adobe is starting to recognize their users demands in an industry where time is very important.“It allows you to make images on the fly. Clients need stuff fast and sometimes you don’t have the time to pull out your laptop,” Riley said.

Although this series of apps provides great accessibility, Riley said she doesn’t believe it can replace the desktop versions.

“At the end of the day you want your work to look good and use tools to allow you to enhance your work,” she said.