Afro-Carib party opens door to all

by | Feb 24, 2014 | News

Danielle La Valle
News Reporter

Music, art and fashion are coming to the Humber North campus LinX student pub this week to celebrate Black History Month.

Adedoyin Osholowu, president of the Afro Caribbean Students’ Association, wanted to create an event that was both fun and educational.

“I felt like there was nothing really for the students that was not so formal… It’s not just about the educational aspect, it’s also about us in the community learning about the more contemporary part of it.”

Osholowu is encouraging Humber students of all backgrounds to come out to the Black History Month event.

“Humber is a multicultural school so we want to try as much as possible to get different people, different communities to come,” he said.

Osholuwu said the event will feature live music, artwork and fashion shows representing the diverse cultures of Africa and the Caribbean.

“I’m a fashion designer… that will be my first fashion show,” said Frank Mensah, 21, a second-year general arts and sciences student and vice president of the Afro Caribbean Students’ Association.

Mensah’s clothing line was inspired by his native land.

“My background is Ghanaian so basically being a Ghanaian Canadian and living in Toronto I love African print… the collection basically represents me as a person…”

Mensah said he has no formal sewing or fashion design training but with the help of his aunt he has been able to create his fashion line. Lewis Manyenya, 22, a second-year 3D arts and animation student at Humber, is one of the organisers of the event as well as a performer.

Manyenya said his rap music is influenced by his Zimbabwean home as well as a variety of musical genres he discovered when he moved to Canada to attend Humber.

“I come from a really reserved background so my music is experimental,” he said.

“When I came to Canada… I started trying a lot of things, so in my music you can hear the side that’s reserved but you can also capture that side that’s experimental because I’m in this new place and I’m seeing all these new thing,” he said.

The LinX event will take place this Thursday at 4 p.m.