Alcohol Awareness event aimed at educating young adults

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Campus News, Lakeshore, News

Kateryna Horina
News Reporter

It doesn’t take much to lose one’s head.

A bit of wisdom about knowing limits while drinking was offered last Tuesday by Humber post-graduate Public Relations students at their biannual Alcohol Awareness event.

“Don’t Lose Your Head,” was themed with Alice in the Wonderland characters at K-Cottage on Lakeshore campus. Playing cards, flowers and a picture of the Cheshire Cat peppered the locale as organizers greeted students and vendors at the entry dressed as characters from the Lewis Carroll classic.

The objective was to inform students about learning their limits in alcohol drinking and drug use.

Twelve exhibiters at Lakeshore campus offered students tips about safe alcohol consumption, in part by engaging them with games and raffle prizes.

Students had an opportunity to learn about staying safe at the parties by knowing their limits and then getting home safe.

“It is important to spread general information and raise awareness for students to be more careful, especially before holidays,” said Courtney Sims, chair of event, which has been held twice annually since 2008 and is usually attended by between 300 to 400 students.

Jackie Bowie, vice-chair, said they were trying to engage more students by creating a cool and fun atmosphere, not just giving lectures.

Among the participants at the event were representatives from the provincial Ministry of Transportation, Toronto Public Health, Toronto Police, MADD Toronto, ConnexOntario, SmartServe Ontario, Arrive Alive, Molson-Coors, LCBO, Humber Public Safety, Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre and Consent is Sexy.

They all offered information sheets, promotional products and prizes.

Free sandwiches, cookies and tea were offered and students played games and shared information , including about the safest way to get home after a party.

Victoria Beales, the event’s media contact, said the show on alcohol safety was timed to share information just before summer vacation.