All Nations Pow-Wow comes to Humber

by | Nov 18, 2016 | News

Daniel Caudle


Beginning with a grand entry, the dancers made their way into the drum circle where members of the Cree, Ojibwe, Inuit and Metis showed off the traditional dances from their nations.

The annual All Nations Pow-Wow is part of Aboriginal Education Month, where members of the Humber community are encouraged to learn the history of Canada’s indigenous people.

“Today is all about bringing a community together to not only celebrate our culture, but to celebrate Aboriginal awareness month,” said master of ceremonies Biindigaygizhig Deleary.

The event, which took place in the IGNITE Student Centre Thursday, featured dancers, singers, drummers and multiple vendors selling traditional apparel.

“The intent of this day is for people to be involved and see what the Humber community can do,” said Jason Hunter, VP of Student and Community Engagement. “It is an opportunity to welcome the Aboriginal culture, as well as provide a social opportunity.”

Throughout the afternoon students were encouraged to learn about Aboriginal culture, and also to participate in the dances and festivities.

“This is a great opportunity to share our culture through music and dancing,” Humber Elder Shelly Charles said. “It’s about building on an existing community that already exists, but also incorporates Humber.”

“Everyone is very friendly here and helping to release my stress,” said first year law clerk student Jasreet Kaur. “All the music and dancing is just so beautiful.”

The swirling of the traditional regalia mesmerized those in attendance, as the Skyriver drummers and Youngcreek singers added to the atmosphere throughout the event. After the dancers were worn out and the drums had been beaten, the ceremony closed with a prayer.

“First Nations people are here to educate everyone on our culture, and with open arms accept anyone who is willing to learn with us,” said Deleary.

To learn more about the culture, or volunteer for upcoming events, visit the Aboriginal Resources Center on the second floor of the LRC.