Alternative Design Lecture Series: Samer Hout speaks

by | Oct 3, 2014 | News

Tamara Shade
News Reporter

Renowned architect and Humber College Visual Communication Instructor Samer Hout has designed homes, condos and public buildings in some of the more exotic places including Inner Mongolia.

Humber College Architecture Technology Instructor Elizabeth Fenuta, who introduced Hout at Wednesday’s Alternative Design Lecture Series, said he’s “also doing really iconic towers in (Toronto) right now,” including one at Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue and another in Yorkville.

“I was inspired by architecture itself,” Hout told an audience of about 30 people attending the lecture. “It was very early on, I was in high school, and I was always drawn to architecture,” Hout said.

He said architecture was always around him growing up. It has had an impact on him and he has “always been good at imagining spaces.”

Hout walked students through his past travel and work – one being a house he designed in China about six years ago. He explained the different phases of the project, showing detailed photographs of each step. He spoke about the weather and how it should be considered when designing a concept for a building or house.

Hout later brought the focus back home, showing a downtown Toronto building that he has been designing for the last two years.
He spoke about restoring heritage buildings and integrating them with the new. Hout went into great detail while discussing the modern urban designs, comparing them to older condominium structures.

He explained how he is keeping to a simple design, using patterns and texture to draw interest to a 54-floor condominium being built in Yorkville.

“Always be perceptive and learn from your experiences as much as you could and always be open to learning new skills and open to new ideas,” Hout as advised his students.

He said he believes his success comes from seeing inspiring solutions to problems.

Humber College Architectural Technology third-year student Derrick Pilon said he learned a lot about the architect and “it was real interesting.”

The Alternative Design Lecture Series will continue with events every two weeks in room B202 at Humber’s North Campus.

The exception to is the Dec. 3 lecture which will be held at L Space Gallery at the Lakeshore Campus. Guest speaker Yiu-Bun Chan will discuss music and architecture at that event.

Anyone interested in attending the lectures can find the information at @HumberAppTech on Twitter.