Alumna earns nomination for Stranger Things season 3

by | Feb 18, 2020 | A&E

Liliia Smichenko, A&E Reporter

Michael Glassbourg wasn’t surprised when his former student Katie Halliday was invited to move to Los Angeles.

The program coordinator for Humber’s Film and Television Production said Halliday was hired to work on Stranger Things 3 and it led to her being among those nominated for a Golden Reel Award 2020 in Outstanding Achievement for Sound Editing, Long Form, for Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt. Chernobyl would take the category.

“She stood out as being a really excellent student in every subject and she was also the kind of student that volunteered,” Glassbourg said.

Halliday graduated from the North campus in 2008 and since then she has been nominated for an arm’s length of work, including sound on Stranger Things 3, The Art of the Steal, Lost Girl and Defendor.

She won awards for The Whistleblower, two episodes of The Kennedys and one episode of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

“If people are noticing the sound, that means that you’ve put something distracting and that’s the opposite of what you want as a sound person,” Halliday said in an interview from Tinseltown.

Humber’s Film and Television program exposes students to the different directions of the field that they never experienced before, Glassbourg said.

When Halliday first came to Humber, she just liked movies and wanted to do something creative. When she was in her last year, she was doing assignments where she had to put the sound back into a movie clip.

“That’s really when it clicked for me, that not only did I enjoy that, but it was to me the most exciting aspect,” Halliday said.

She got an internship at Urban Post Production, the company that worked on projects like Saw and Orphan Black, and they hired her full time after she graduated.

Glassbourg said it’s not hard to get an internship, but it is important to work hard to get a job after.

“With Katie, that’s not hard, because she’s focused and she works on everything, but she’s also a very fun person,” he said.

During her time at Urban Post Production, Halliday worked on projects such as Saw V and The Burrowers.

In the beginning, she was doing only specific sounds for little parts of movies, but Saw V was the first one she worked on from the beginning to end.

“I was watching the shows they were doing just kind in the shadow, to get an idea of how everything worked and I would be asked to do little things here and there,” Halliday said.

Twelve years later, the Humber graduate was nominated for Golden Reel Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing, along with the shows like Black Mirror, Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders.

Although Chernobyl won, Halliday said it was an honour to be nominated for such a great award.

“I am sad, but that was quite a good show to lose to, at least we lost to somebody very, very worthy,” Halliday said.