Amping nutrition goals with advice

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Feature, Sports

Aaron D’Andrea
Sports Reporter

As an overweight teenager, Humber graduate Luke Bernardi’s personal transformation brought his store to life this year.

Amped Nutrition is the product of my life to date,” Bernardi, 21, said of his shop in Bolton, Ont.

Bernardi said his passion for health and wellness began with a personal transformation he started “about six or seven years ago” that saw him lose more than 65 pounds.

“Educating myself on supplementation, fitness, health and wellness and that’s what my passion really fell into,” he said.

Bernardi graduated last year with an honours diploma from the Business Management program.

For one of his final projects, Bernardi built a business plan that, he said, set the foundation for what he needed and customized everything he wanted for his store.

“All the marketing courses I found really paid off,” he said. “Especially when I opened because I wouldn’t have, per se, opened if I didn’t feel this area could handle a store like this or need a store like this. And it was the things like searching out the demographic and actually seeing if I’d have the customers in this town,” he said.

Customers appreciate Bernardi’s knowledge when it comes to helping out with their own health.

“He actually gives you a good opinion on what you need and not just the highest selling product,” said Michael Steduto, 19, a University of Guelph-Humber business student.

Guelph-Humber business student Nicholas Zanon, 19, has been going to Amped for six months and said it stands out from the competition.

“Personally, it’s 10 times better because he has experience from working out and taking supplements, so he has his own experience on what they do and their side effects,” Zanon said.

Bernardi’s passion for health and wellness, plus his drive to provide the best quality products and advice, are among the main reasons he opened his strip mall shop.

“I wanted to provide customers, not only a product for their goals, but advice and tips,” he said. “Tell me your goals and I’m going to try and help you to try and achieve them.”