Annual food truck festival is back

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Life

Sydnee Walcott and Raymond Brooks, Life Reporters

Food on Wheels returned for the second time this school year offering tasty mobile menus.

Humber College had its second two-day food truck festival, the first held in the fall and the second this month.

The first day of the festival took place at the Lakeshore campus on April 11, while the six trucks lined up at the North Campus the next day.

There were a variety of different meals to chose from, some popular ones from last semester and the others were new.

Jerk Chicken Taters from the Get Your Own Tots truck. (Sydnee Walcott)

These options included Trochilus Gourmet Jamaican Jerk Chicken, which specializes in West Indian Cuisine, Spring Loaded, a food truck that specializes in unique spring rolls, Pappas Greek, who offers in Greek cuisine, Get Your Own Tots, offering tater tots with a variety of different toppings, Brazilian cuisine from the Feijoada De Pote, and causal food from the Humber Food Truck.

Trinity Henry, who found out about the event through her mother, an employee at the college, said the food truck event is a really good way to get out to get some food and enjoy some fresh air.

Zareena Khan (left) and Tola Olupona both checked out the Food Truck Festival at North campus on April 12. (Raymond Brooks)

“It’s nice to get something different instead of having the same thing every day” from the cafeteria, said Shamim Adel, a Baking Pastry Management student.

Anya Hrehichuk, who was visiting the area for the weekend, said the Food Truck Festival was a great idea and likes that it’s accessible to everyone.

The festival not only serves Humber staff and students a casual gourmet lunch, but it also helps out students in the Humber community.

The money made from the event will go towards the Humber Gives Campaign, which provides scholarships and bursaries to students who are in need. The October festival raised about $1,000 for the campaign.

Antonio Folino, the organizer of the event and the Catering Coordinator and Events Manager for the School of Hospitality, said more trucks were expected at the North Campus but the weather forced some to cancel.

Greek food purchased from the Pappas Greek food truck at the North campus Food Truck Festival. (Sydnee Walcott)

Despite the cancellations of a few food trucks, the festival was still a success with Folino calling it one of the most successful food truck events so far.

Folino also wanted to see people outside of the Humber community to take part in the event. He wanted to see people living or visiting the area and students from nearby join people at Humber.

Folino let high school students at Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School, across from the Lakeshore Campus, know about the event to encourage them and their teachers to take part along with the Humber community.