Apple envisions a wireless future

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Biz/Tech

Sulaiman Akbari


Apple took a huge leap forward when it released the new iPhone 7 last Friday and it turned the heads of people living in the past.

The buzz — both good and bad — around the iPhone 7 is the removal of the auxiliary port.

Third-year Humber College accounting student Adan Singh, 20, dislikes Apple’s decision to remove the auxiliary port, antiquating the use of a cord that links the phone to a jack.

“Honestly, I don’t like it,” Singh said. “There’s no point in taking it away because it creates a hassle for people who want to listen to music.”

Apple countered the move of removing the auxiliary port by creating wireless headphones called AirPods. The AirPods connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

Singh says Apple is running out ideas, and with technology becoming more advanced every day, the iPhone 7 had to be a game changer.

“I do believe Apple is moving towards a wireless future because technology in itself is becoming more advanced,” he said.

Kevin Ramdas, Humber College program coordinator of the Wireless Telecommunications Postgraduate Certificate program, agrees, saying Apple is looking into the future.

“Apple is trying to create an environment without wires,” he said. “There is probably a belief that Apple sees the wires are encumbering their users so they’re trying to make that disconnection.”

Ramdas said the move by Apple was not only inspired by their outlook on technology but to set the bar for their competitors.

“Apple has been the trendsetter of technology since the days of the iPod,” he said. “This is just their new step to say that, ‘this is how we’re going to interact with our technology in a more wireless way.’”

Ramdas said eventually more companies are going to follow Apple’s wireless movement.

First-year Humber College general arts and sciences student Hakem Curling, 21, said he doesn’t like the wireless future Apple is heading towards but understands why they did it.

“I really don’t like it,” he said. “But I can say that this was a good decision because this is the new generation of technology.”

Curling says the wireless future of Apple is only going to get better.

“It’s something new that hasn’t been done,” Curling said. “It’s going to keep getting better and better.”

Both Curling and Singh agree the removal of the auxiliary port creates a wireless future, and that is the path Apple chose to take.

Ramdas said ultimately the market would determine whether or not users like the wireless future of Apple. Like the market voted for VHS over Beta videotapes.