Apple pulls out, Dell in at Humber bookstore

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Biz/Tech

Gabrielle Austin
Biz/Tech Reporter

Apple Canada took a bite out of Humber College’s bookstore sales this year.

The bookstores at North and Lakeshore campuses no longer carry Apple laptops, desktops, iPads and accessories.

But where Apple Canada pulled out, its competitor Dell Canada is now in, with Dell laptops and accessories at discounted price for students and staff at Humber.

“Everything (about Apple’s pull-out) was handled through Humber College’s head office, then an Apple representative came in to explain why the shutdown would be taking place,” said Bookstore tech associate Darmesh Patel.

Apple Canada notified Humber’s bookstore about the changes in April, Patel said, citing online sales as a main factor for the change.

He said Apple Canada noticed a majority of its sales were online instead of in-store and decided to pull the plug.

Second year Multimedia Design and Development student Caylea Shin said she thinks Apple made the wrong move.

“I have been a Mac user since 2006 and the quality of a Mac to a PC does not compare, so I find it odd that Apple do something like this, especially for students,” Shin said.

“The Apple store closing is mostly a letdown to the staff and students at Humber because it was easier to get everything at school,” Patel added.

While students may be affected because they can no longer purchase Apple products on campus, Information Technology Support staffer Orlando Salozar said Humber staff have a different situation.

“The IT techs are not affected because anything that we need from Apple, we go directly to Apple and get it. So what’s in the Bookstore does not matter to us,” Salozar said.

Shoppers can still purchase what remains of current stock until the shelves are empty.