Applied Research & Innovation Centre an ‘experiential learning space’

by | Feb 3, 2017 | News

Samantha Berdini 

News Reporter

The new Applied Research and Innovation Centre provides a professional space for outreach, meetings and to help students.

ARI works with students and faculty research teams to produce innovative projects. Teams are paired with industry partners and given the opportunity to use their ideas and skills toward practical outcomes.

“We really want to spark a conversation among Humber students,” said Darren Lawless, Dean of Applied Research and Innovation at Humber

“Our goal…throughout all of the projects is to engage and benefit the students,” said Laura Keating, Senior Research Officer at ARI. “We want to give students an experiential learning space, where they can develop practical skills they may not learn in the classroom.”

“I want our Humber students to have a skill set that makes them the most desirable commodity in the marketplace,” said Lawless.

He says all students have the potential to create, but many of them don’t know how to implement their ideas.

At the opening, Candice Williams, a second-year student in the Architectural Technology program, was announced the winner of ARI’s student design competition.

“ARI has given me the opportunity to branch out into an avenue I never thought of taking,” said Williams. “Being in the architectural program at Humber, we are not often exposed to this element of creative design. ARI pushed my creativity further and allowed me to leave a footprint at Humber.”

“We encourage students of all education backgrounds to apply to our contests and to the research assistant positions,” said Keating.

“We used to think of research in silos,” said Lawless.

Students assume they have to have a background in science or technology to pursue applied research. ARI is looking for people to come together and approach problems through as many lenses as possible, he explained.

“We have been getting a lot more people coming in asking what we do, and showing interest in Applied Research at Humber,” said Michelle Bozzetto, Media and Communications Research Assistant at ARI.

“Students are getting a lot out of our new collaborative space and there has definitely been more student interaction with ARI since the opening,” said Bozzetto.

She says many students have been visiting the new space to hold meetings and brainstorming sessions, as well as to work on their applied research projects.

“We are so excited about this new space, and all the untapped value we can bring to our community here at Humber,” said Lawless.

Humber’s Applied Research and Innovation held a grand opening for its new office and collaborative space on Jan. 18 at the North campus.