Applied Tech talk promotes alt design

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Biz/Tech

Giancarlo Di Peco
Biz/Tech Reporter

Andrew Gallici came to Humber College last Tuesday to speak with students as part of the School of Applied Technology Lecture Series

Elizabeth Fenuta, an Architectural Technology professor at Humber who started the lecture series said, it “was created to promote multidisciplinary practice in design education.”

The lecture series began on Sept. 17 and runs every other week until Dec. 10. It features eight experienced and successful guest speakers, including this past week’s speaker, Gallici.

Gallici is the co-founder of Designstead, a boutique design firm that he started with his two colleagues about a year ago. Gallici has 22 years of experience in retail store design, and has won a number of awards for his work in the past, such as his design for Paramount Theatres in downtown Toronto, and a designer of the year title in 2000.

He was happy to speak to Humber students to provide what he believes as integral information for students in design.

“I think is it’s a great series,” Gallici said. “It’s really important for industries to give back to educational communities.” Gallici provided students with a power-point presentation of his work through the years and also had a message for students working towards their graduation.

“On a very literal level I can tell students so many things, but I’m happy to say that the industry is interested in process. Oftentimes students will look at a finished product as being a selling tool, whereas I think the whole concept of creative design problem solving is what your selling and your ability to do that,” Gallici said.

Mohsen Yasour, 22, a Humber architectural technology student said Gallici’s ideas help students go the extra mile to learn about what’s out there after graduation.

“It’s really good for students to see what an interior designer really does out in the world,” Yasour said.

Fenuta said Gallaci’s lecture was compelling and that he captivated his audience.