‘Art and the City’ exhibit at L-Space Gallery draws from array of arts

by | Apr 23, 2015 | A&E

Amy Wallace & Corey Brehaut
News and A&E Reporters

Humber students from the North and Lakeshore campuses are displaying their artistic flair at this year’s annual art show, exhibited at L Space Gallery at Lakeshore campus.

“This year, the show is themed ‘Art and the City’ to recognize the diversity of Toronto, both culturally and for the subject matter that we address,” said curator Tara Mazurk.

The show includes work from students from an array of programs, including visual and digital arts, creative photography, cabinet making, and industrial design.

“It’s a mix of students who have chosen the arts as their professional path and also students who continue (in) the arts as a hobby,” said Mazurk. “Overall, it showcases the creativity here at Humber.”

The show, sponsored by the Humber Students’ Federation and coordinated by second-year Public Relations Advanced Diploma students, gives students a chance to show their work to a wide audience and win prizes.

“I got involved with the Art Show because I thought that the position of Client Liaison would be a good learning experience for me during this whole process of planning the art show,” said Oriben Forunda, a second year public relations student.

More than 200 students submitted art for the show and winners were decided for five categories. The winners for the respective categories were Harsimran Sira from the creative photography program, Alex Saureet from visual and digital arts, Shih-I Liu from creative photography, Maria Galindo from visual and digital arts and Julija Petrauskis from industrial woodworking.

Those that were awarded honourable mentions received gift cards.

In addition, five jurors’ picks have also been selected to compete in the League for Innovation.

The League for Innovation in the Community College is an international, non-profit association that hosts conferences and leads projects and initiatives to enhance college life.

The league’s board of directors is comprised of CEOs from community colleges around the world.

Each year, the league invites its board member colleges to partake in the annual Student Art Competition.

Humber is the only Canadian member of the League, and has been involved since the 1980’s.

Like many aspiring artists, Alex Dang, 22, was thrilled to see his work exhibited. The first-year Graphic Design student had two pieces of artwork in the show.

“I think it’s really good for us (students) because we have a chance to promote our work, and we have an opportunity to express our feelings and our mind about Toronto,” he said.

Dang is new to the city, and wants to show the world what he can do.

“These pieces are a part of me that I want to show to everybody, and I want to express what I’m feeling now,” he said.

The show runs until April 18 at Lakeshore campus’s L Space Gallery.