Art documentaries a regular series for the North Space Gallery

by | Oct 21, 2016 | A&E, Campus News, North

Gabriela Argueta
Arts and Entertainment Reporter

The North Space Gallery has introduced a new series called Art Doc Nights. The third Thursday of the month the Humber North campus venue will screen documentaries exploring everything from performance art to graffiti.

The space is open daily to students, offering a glimpse of the artwork made by Humber students, along with galleries. A white projection wall in the gallery is used to show the films once a month.

Curator Ashley Watson says the space gives students a “casual way” to interact with art on their own.

“The space is open to anybody who’s an avid art lover or maybe someone who’s interested in learning a bit more about art,” Watson said.

“We’re hoping that the art docs will be a way for people to step into the space, which is why we’re here having these screenings to give students another way to interact with the art as well,” she said.

The Art Doc Nights are curated to coincide with exhibitions and art collections created by Humber students, who creatively explore a wide number of themes through art and critical lenses.

“The art docs are sort of a way to get people thinking about art through lenses, asking themselves, ‘what does this mean?’” Watson said.

“Students can look at the art through a mental illness lens, a graffiti lens or a commercialism lens,” she said.

The first art documentary shown Sep. 29, Exit Through The Gift Shop, depicts the street life of British graffiti artist Bansky through the work of videographer Thierry Guetta. The film examines the complexity of street art along with the impact it has on an artist’s work.

“This art doc was pretty interesting,” said Humber Architectural student Zenfira Gasymova.

“I learned a lot about street art and about Bansky. I hadn’t heard of him before, so it was pretty useful to watch this documentary,” she said.

This film along with the other art documentaries set to showcase in the North Space at Humber’s main campus will bring attention to issues such as poverty, racism and political controversy that can be recognized through art.

The next art doc night will be Oct 27 where Bill Cunningham New York will be screened.

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