ArtsAbled teaches art students how to work in a world of business

by | Feb 7, 2014 | A&E

Adam Stroud
A&E Reporter

About 30 music students gave up their lunch break to eagerly cram into a small recording studio on Humber Lakeshore campus to talk business last month.

ArtsAbled is a monthly lecture and Q & A series for students of the Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts to learn about the art of business.

Dr. Andrew Scott, a Humber music professor, created ArtsAbled. He said it’s important for creative students to start thinking about how to market and sell their product right out of the gate.

“The way that I try to explain it to students is that their career in the music industry, or in the arts industry in general, really starts the minutes they walk in the door,” he said.

The last event, held on Jan. 29, featured guest speaker Dan Kurtz, record producer and bassist of the band Dragonette. Kurtz agreed with Scott that when it comes to a career in the arts, it’s just as important to be a savvy businessperson as a talented artist.

“I would say the music is the smaller part of it if you want to be in the music business,” Kurtz said.

ArtsAbled has been going on for three years. Mara Nesrallah, 21, a fourth-year bachelor of music student, said she loves having the chance to learn from experienced professionals.

“I find the people that come into ArtsAbled are super informative and huge industry people,” she said.

Merik Williams, 19, a first year vocalist and bachelor of music student agreed. He said ArtsAbled is a refreshing part of his scholastic experience.

“These ArtsAbled events are the most inspiring part of our day at school because we’re seeing the end result right in front of us,” he said.

The next ArtsAbled event has not yet been scheduled, but students looking for more information regarding ArtsAbled and future lectures should contact Andrew Scott at