Assess your dreams in sleep, they mirror your reality

by | Nov 13, 2015 | Opinion

Haley Falco
Art Director

Do you ever wonder what your dreams really mean? Do they mirror reality?

Statistics show that people spend 25 years of their life sleeping. Six of those years are spent dreaming and most of them are forgotten when woken up.

Everyone dreams when they fall asleep, whether they remember it or not and researchers have been discovering the meanings behind your subconscious mind when you sleep.

Although Sigmund Freud had described dreams as the “royal road to the unconscious” over a century ago, dream interpretation is still not an easy concept, especially when there are countless symbols and visuals in dreams that connect to waking life.

This makes it a difficult field to study for scientists, who can only grasp how it relates to brain function, without understanding why it happens at a specific time in life and what it means psychologically.

But dreams are a series of thoughts relating to your personal life and experiences when you’re awake and everyone interested in better self-awareness should give them serious consideration.

Sometimes, for instance, you wake up in a panic because your dreams feel so vivid, whereas other times, you feel déjà vu but you can’t decide what’s triggering the sudden flashbacks.

Dreams express terrors, desires and past experiences, which helps people understand their true meaning.

I, along with countless others, believe that dreams are mirror images of what is happening in reality from what we see, hear, think and experience. Making sense of dreams helps us better understand our struggles, pleasures and deepest thoughts.

Some of the most common dreams are falling, being chased, flying, death and being naked, which resembles reality’s most common fears. They can feel completely real, which is why you could wake feeling at ease, in shock, or covered in sweat, to name a few responses.

I’ve experienced the same re-occurring dream since I was young, where an unidentifiable man is chasing me. I’ll run for miles, but the man will never actually catch up to me. I’ve now come to realize that the man in my dream represents a situation in my life that I am running away from.

Carl Jung, psychologist and expert on dream interpretations, believed with Freud that dreams were an opening to the unconscious mind. He articulated that while you sleep, your mind is finding resolutions to stress and problems you face in your conscious mind.

Jung strongly believed in the unconscious mind and its spiritual powers. Dreams are a way of interacting and becoming familiar with the unconscious part of your brain.

Many times, dreams are confusing and scattered. A friend that you haven’t seen since childhood or a stranger’s face on the subway peers into your dream and you can’t figure out what it means. I tend to dream about strangers whom I have no personal attachments with, but I’ve realized that it’s not about the people necessarily, but rather the situation.

Making sense of dreams helps you better understand your struggles, pleasures and deepest thoughts. Your nighttime subconscious visions provide insights into your life and you should explore them.