Athlete of the week: New recruit Daniel helps bolster Hawks’ status at OCAA juggernauts

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Feature, Sports

Kyle Drinnan, Sports Reporter

Jessica Daniel won the woman’s Athlete of the Week award early in her short season with the women’s basketball team. 

Daniel was a player for the Saint Mary’s University Huskies in Halifax before joining the Hawks. The shooting guard is now in her fourth year as a player in the college and university level, but she just finished her first month at Humber.

“She couldn’t play with us in the first half of the season because of complications,” said head coach Ajay Sharma.

But Sharma was satisfied with the player’s stint with the team so far.

“She has been great. You ask her to do something and she will do it. It’s how she got all the points for us,” he said.

Humber’s only game between Jan. 27 to Feb. 2 that lead to the consideration of the athlete of the week was against Niagara Knights, where they won 95-55. 

She scored 15 points in the game where she only played for 12 minutes, the second-most of the team that day. She also recorded five, three-point shots out of nine attempts.

Daniel, however, said her teammates were the source of her success.

“It feels good to be recognized for my work,” Daniel said. “But everything that happens is because of my teammates.”

The women’s basketball team is a juggernaut in the OCAA, with a 14-1 season to date. Its only loss came at the wings of the 15-1 Fanshawe Falcons.

Daniel said her teammates helped her at feeling at home despite being one of the newest members on the team. 

“This team isn’t just strong on the court,” she said. “They helped me when I started and I think that brings out the best in me.”

The basketball team has been the source of many Athletes of the Week, including guard Jahnae Gyles the week before.  

Even though she is still the most recent Hawk — although she’s considered a third-year veteran with her record at St. Mary’s — that doesn’t stop expectations of her on the court. 

“Everyone has to bring their best game, that includes me,” Daniel said.