Audience gets involved in live performance

by | Feb 13, 2015 | A&E

Christiana Chan

Experience a side of theatre never experienced before at Humber. Where the audience is in the centre of a show, put together by third-year performance and second-year production students.


Humber theatre is presenting This Side Of Heaven, from Feb. 13 to 21.


The play was inspired through two texts, from Virgil’s Aeneid and New Moon, a Newfoundland play written by Al Pittman.


Audiences should be excited the play is performed in prominence style, where there is no traditional stage or audience seating,


“The audience is free to walk around the theatre space as the action takes place, sometimes they will be apart of the action, it will be like being in a circus in purgatory,” said Paul de Jong, program coordinator for the Theatre Performance program at Humber College.


This will be Humber’s first time setting a performance in this style.


“It’s important to have audiences engage this way, especially in theatre, so they absorb the story and the information,” said Kate Maguire, public relations and marketing assistant for Humber’s Theatre performance program.


Many students have worked hard to create unique props for the performance.  < says who?


“A lot of the props are recycled. It sort of symbolizes how your spirit never really goes away, just like when you recycle,” said Maguire.


Audiences can also expect to get a feel of some Newfoundland culture from the performance.


Performers have been working hard on their Newfoundland songs for the play, said Maguire.


Humber’s theatre program provides a unique experience for students, which pushes away from traditional theatre. How? In what way?


“The students themselves create the work from themselves, they create their own characters,” said de Jong.


All proceeds of the performance on Feb. 15 will be going towards the newly established Catherine Marrion Scholarship, for a returning Theatre Performance student.


Catherine Marrion is a retiring faculty member, who has taught theatre performance at Humber College since 1988.