Backfill renovations at North to be completed in 2016

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Campus News, News

Chris Besik

An abundance of vacant space due the recent launch of the Learning Resource Common at Humber North campus has the college wondering what to do with it.

A ‘Backfill Project’ open house today provided a public discussion and feedback as how the space will be used.

“What you’re looking at today is more conceptual renderings as to what the spaces are going to look like,” said designated project manager Robert Balicsack of MHPM.

“Now it’s the visual impact of what that is, we can see what the design is looking like.”

The Backfill Project will relocate 146,000 square feet of space at North campus.

The empty rooms were created when such school services as the library moved into the new LRC building.

The project had mostly shared information through text but today’s open house provided a stronger visual idea of what the changes will look like.

The event was meant to educate the college community about what the backfill project encompasses.

“This provides everybody with a lot more detail,” said Scot Valens, the director of capital development who is responsible for delivering the project on time and budget.

The project is expected to have all of the relocation and construction projects complete by the end of 2016.

“The chaos should be over,” said Balicsack.

The college is working with MHPM project leaders to achieve their goals.

The event provided visuals of the new rooms for the various schools of study: School of Health Sciences, School of Applied Technology; School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism. A new daycare facility is also included.

“My office is going to smell like pastries, and I’m excited,” said  Stephanie Afonso, the administrative assistant that organized the event. “The baking labs are moving from LB to the old registration in D building.”