Badminton rookies learn the ropes in Humber Cup tournament

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Sports, Varsity

Kyle Drinnan, Sports Reporter

Humber badminton player Susanna Quach said she had a goal in her rookie year. That was to reach the semifinals in her first tournament if she didn’t take first place.

The first-year Baking and Pastry Arts Management student checked that off her list last Friday at the first tournament of the badminton season for the OCAA.

Colleges from around Ontario came to Humber College Oct. 11 and 12 as a close-knit community was played to see who was the best.

The first round at the Humber Cup was the mixed doubles.

Quach and Benjamin Houle, a first-year Police Foundations student, said were excited to start their first season on a high note in their stomping grounds.

Harsh Mistry, a first-year Computer and Network Support Technician student (left), and Benjamin Houle, a firstyear Police Foundations student (right), partnered up in the Humber Cup. The duo reached the second round.(Kyle Drinnan

“I feel pretty good,” Houle said. “We have two practices weekly and I’ve set a goal to get into the semifinals.”

Houle’s partner is Harsh Mistry, a first-year Computer and Network Support Technician student, who wanted to start the tournament on a high note.

Quach had a veteran partner in Ayubu Touray, a fifth-year Early Childhood Educator student, who won bronze at the CCAA men’s double tournament last year.

But Quach was ready for thechallenges ahead.

“My competition looks good,” she said. “I am aiming for [the] quarterfinals or even semifinals, maybe even first place.”

Rookie Susanna Quach serving her first shot at the Humber Cup. (Kyle Drinnan)

Quach was no stranger to badminton either. She trained for 10 years but, dropped the sport when she came to Canada.

She returned to the sport that she loved once she joined the Hawks
badminton team.

While both rookies won their first respective matches, Houle’s team lost their next two matches which eliminated him from the tournament.

“It was great,” Houle said. “I instantly connected with my partner I think what I need to do now is learn more strategy and understand the game better.”

Quach’s goal of getting to first place inched closer and closer as she was climbed the ladder. While winning, she was at a loss for words as she was tired and focused on her next game.

“I feel great,” Quach said.

Hawks assistant coach David Trinh was no stranger to rookie success at Humber.

Last year, Ramnish Kumar, who is now a second-year Fitness and Health Promotion student, won gold for men’s singles.

“For rookies, in their first tournament they will need work. Our veterans are on the courts with them so I believe that they will get early lessons for the rookies to learn leadership and other skills,” Trinh said.

Quach and Touray went all the way to the semi-finals when they faced a tough opponent.

The power duo from George Brown, Ace Zeng and Huyen Le, were strong and known opponents in the OCAA, so well-known that Quach pointed them out before her first game as one of the toughest team that she wanted to face.

After a tough match, Zeng and Le powered to the finals as Quach and Touray were defeated.