Ball in Hawks’ court following road trip wins over Lions, Saints

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Sports, Varsity

Tyler Biggs, Sports Reporter

A long road trip didn’t seem to affect the Humber Hawks women’s basketball team, getting back-to-back wins this weekend on a road trip through Southwestern Ontario.

The women first dealt a 67-62 loss to the Lambton Lions in Sarnia on Saturday, followed with a 76-69 victory over the St. Clair Saints in Windsor.

Both games were highlighted by the spectacular play of Miea Campbell-Johnson, who helped the Hawks to sit 16-1.

The fourth-year power forward collected back-to-back double-doubles scoring 41 points and 20 rebounds in just two games.

She is someone opposing coaches noticed and are tipping their hats to.

“Miea Campbell-Johnson was phenomenal in that second quarter,” marvelled St. Clair Saints head coach Andy Kiss.

“When we face a team like that, with elite offensive threats like Miea Campbell-Johnson you got to find a way,” he said. “I don’t think you can set her down but you know, some of the shots she hit, she was defended.

“She’s so lethal playing with the ball in her hands, really pivots on a die, squares up, high skill player. We will take it as a learning experience and bring it to provincials,” Kiss said.

Another force over the weekend was Hawks’ guard Jahnae Gyles who factored in the scoring on Saturday with 12 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals.

Her play reached a crescendo when she miraculously posted two points in an acrobatic bucket while falling. It was a play that would have made any television highlight reel but Gyles remained modest after the game against St. Clair.

“I guess I just got the steal and I fell down,” said a still focused Gyles. “I saw one of my players there, but I didn’t see an advantage to pass so I just did a secondary move and put the shot up.”

However, with playoffs right around the corner, Gyles eluded to why the victory in Sarnia had a more significant meaning in the long run.

“They’re third in our division, right?” Gyles smirked. “They’re also hosting OC (OCAA) this year…so we kind of had to play a good game, kind of like an OC game cause, we might play them in OC. So, it was important for us to get the win and add that playoff mentality.”

The Hawks are currently tied for first in the west with Fanshawe College at a 16-1 record but the Provincial Championships doesn’t start until March 6.

It will be a welcome few weeks of rest for the Hawks as the long season has started to become a factor.

“(We’re) dealing with some injuries,” said Hawks head coach Ajay Sharma. “We had girls play a lot more minutes than they normally play and they hung in there. They were gritty. At this point you are who you are normally, (but) got to get a little healthier if we can.”

Last year the Hawks didn’t medal but prior to that, they had won Provincials four years straight and Nationals twice in that span. With the ball in the hands of players like Campbell-Johnson and Gyles, the Hawks could be back to their medal-winning ways very soon.