‘Baroque’ pop band HIGHS lifts winter lows

by | Jan 25, 2014 | A&E

Nick Jean
A&E Reporter

96.9 Radio Humber’s band of the month for January, HIGHS, is the cure for winter melancholy among Humber students.

Station Promotions Director Kylee Winn, said HIGHS would be her band of choice during the chilly, and at times gloomy, winter weather.

“They sound different from everything else we’ve been doing,” she said.

The Toronto-based pop foursome has been together for a year now. In that time, they have already settled on a tight, summery sound, and turned out an EP.

Travis Hay, Programming Assistant and Music Director at Radio Humber, described HIGHS as baroque pop.

“Think ‘60s surfer music. It’s a new, exciting, fun sound. The guitar line, it just makes you want to move,” Hay said.

Vocalist and guitarist Doug Haynes said the HIGHS have been likened to other bands such as Vampire Weekend, Local Natives, and Dirty Projectors.

“We have a lot of fun playing it and we’ve been told it’s a lot of fun to listen to,” Haynes said.

The group came together during their time at Queen’s University. It wasn’t until after a trip Douglas and Haynes took to Tanzania as a part of their teaching degree at Queen’s that the idea of HIGHS really started to form.

“[Tanzania] is where the conversation began. We came back and the conversation grew and we started putting effort into this band,” Haynes said.

After graduation, they all went back to their hometowns and started preparing applications for teaching positions. They often got together to write some music. They had such a great time they thought they would try to write more material.

“It’s obvious that we’re just having fun with each other, playing the songs and that just makes it more enjoyable for everybody involved, ourselves included,” Haynes said.

You can check out Radio Humber’s Facebook page for a couple of acoustic sets HIGHS recorded on campus. Go to www.highsmusic.com for more videos, news and to stream and/or buy their EP.