Blog unites students with established artists

by | Jan 25, 2014 | A&E

Tara Mazurk, left, and Jessica Salloum, right, outside the L Space gallery entrance. Photo taken by Kate Richards.

Tara Mazurk, left, and Jessica Salloum, right, outside the L Space gallery entrance. Photo taken by Kate Richards.

By Kate Richards

Humber student, meet working artist.

Humber Lakeshore’s L Space art gallery launched a new blog on Jan. 6, Art in Access, which aims to “stimulate conversation and bridge the gap between students and practicing artists.”

Art in Access contains three categories that intend to help bring students closer to the Humber arts community as well as the Toronto arts scene.

The first section, Art at Humber, showcases student work and helps students promote themselves, said Jessica Salloum, overseer of Art in Access and L Space’s Marketing and Development Assistant.

The second section, Toronto in the Arts, “connects students to the Toronto arts scene and gives them an idea of what they can do outside Humber,” she said.

Technology and Art shows students how to use technology to promote themselves. This category of the blog “is trying to give students the tools they need so they can advocate for their work and get their name known,” said Salloum.

Art in Access not only helps promote L Space itself but provides opportunities to students who have an interest in art but are not necessarily studying in an arts program.

“Our contributors are not in any arts program,” Salloum said. “We’re giving people who want to get involved in the arts but aren’t in a program that’s related to it the opportunity,” she said.

Melissa Meyer, 22, will be the first contributor for Art in Access. She is currently a postgraduate Public Relations student at Humber and found out about L Space’s new blog project while doing a social media study on the gallery.

“I don’t have an arts background but I have an interest in the arts and I wanted to learn more,” she said.

Her first contribution will be a comparative analysis about art and design. Her contribution will look further into the techniques and outcomes of both creative processes. “I want to look into them further than what I saw in the classroom,” said Meyer.

The blog also aims to broaden the gallery’s range of expression through art by focusing on arts writing for the first time.

“What [Art in Access] gives to its audience is extremely important,” said Tara Mazurk, curatorial and collections planner at L Space. “But for our blog contributors there is also an added incentive in the sense that we show a lot of art works, a lot of tangible products. But art writing itself hasn’t been celebrated at the gallery just yet,” she said.

Although the application deadline to be a contributor for this semester has already passed, Salloum and Mazurk are always open to other voices.

“We’re really celebrating student success with this project,” Mazurk said.


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