Bodies need fat, protein, carbohydrates in weight loss

by | Oct 31, 2014 | Life

Chelsea Alphonso

Life Reporter

Fad diets are not the way.

Toronto nutritionist Chris Carlone said, “my approach is to enjoy every single meal with foods in a balanced way so you’re not suffering through a diet.”

Our bodies need fat, carbohydrates and protein, said Carlone.

If every meal consists of these things we will not only attain our goals, but also eliminate cravings, and see a peak in energy, said Carlone.

Cutting out salt is a great way to see quick results said Kat Deckert, a nutritionist from Quebec.

She cautions against the idea of cutting out carbohydrates completely. “What is going to happen is even after you reintroduce even a little bit of carbs you’re going to blow up, and gain it all back,” Deckert said.

Aside from a balanced diet, Deckert said it’s important to eat at consistent times. Eating every three to four hours will help metabolism and aid in avoiding overeating at meals.

While nutrition is a major factor in weight loss, another major component is to get the body moving. Whether through recreational sports, walking, or hitting the gym, Humber Athletics personal trainer Tyson Brown said our bodies aren’t meant to stay still.

Even if you find yourself short on time, it is not an excuse. “There are 20 minute workouts, 10 minute workouts, just get up and move! Even just doing push ups.”

Try and work out three times a week, but don’t stress about how long we spend in the gym —  as long as we go, Brown said.