Bowden’s Timeless Quartet on to classics

by | Feb 5, 2015 | A&E

Matthew Pariselli

Winnifred Bowden regularly played the gospel song Just a Closer Walk with Thee for her young son in their hometown of Halifax. It was a fa- vourite of hers and she intended for Joseph to warm to it as well.

Little did she know Joseph would grow up to become a successful mu- sician and reinterpret the song with a jazzy, New Orleans vibe.

Joseph Bowden, program assis- tant at the School of Creative and Performing Arts at Humber Col- lege and an alumnus, is the driving force behind The Timeless Quartet’s album, Timeless Classics: Straight Up Groovin’, a compilation of jazz standards.

Bowden is the drummer. He is joined by pianist Robi Botos, bassist Lajos Botos Jr., and tenor saxophon- ist Peter Cieslikowski. Pat LaBar- bera is another tenor saxophonist that collaborates with the group as a special guest.

Botos and LaBarbera are also Humber faculty members.

The nine-song album includes an original song Bowden wrote, Joe’s Tune, and includes Louis Arm- strong’s What a Wonderful World.

“It’s a concept project,” Bowden said. “I tried to bring attention to what I do as a writer and producer, but also play the classics that people tend to recognize.”

Bowden’s knack for new ma- terial while delivering audiences with songs they know is one of his strengths, said Andrew Scott, Hum- ber music professor and head aca- demic advisor in the program.

“He’s a very talented composer and a great arranger,” Scott said. “It’s a great record compositionally as well as from a playing perspective.”

Bowden is well-rounded, with ex- perience in R&B, Latin, polka, and soul. He thrives on diversity.

“I’m trying not to get slotted into one particular style of music.”

Bowden and the quartet mem- bers that are part of Humber’s fac- ulty bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program, said Humber’s director of strategic ini- tiatives, Nancy Burt. She’s known Bowden since he was a Humber stu- dent.

“He’s a real success story among our grads,” she said.

Timeless Classics: Straight Up Groo- vin’ was released on Jan. 12.

Bowden said a more mellow collec- tion of timeless classics would be fea- tured on his next album.

Bowden’s previous album, The Voic- es in my Head, was released in Febru- ary 2012.

Timeless Classics: Straight Up Groo- vin’ was released on Jan. 12.