BSA hosts open mic at Linx Lounge

by | Dec 2, 2016 | News

O’Niel Barrington Blair

News Reporter

A Black Students Association formed this year welcomed inclusivity during it’s first formal event at LinX where food, drink and fun were had.

While similar groups have been formed in previous years at Humber, it’s difficult to maintain such a club because of students constantly moving on from college but Jahnelle Simpson, BSA president, said she and a team of close friends, share the ongoing goal to empower African heritage students.

LinX Lounge, the bar on Humber’s North campus, held a musical open mic night for the BSA on Monday night. Simpson said the event was meant to bring friendly competition to the club.

“It’s a way to make the club known around campus and to have some fun,” Simpson said.

“Before this there hasn’t been a place for us African-American students to be represented,” Simpson said, adding, all students are welcome to join.

Christen Dadebc, a BSA member, said Simpson made the goal a reality, making her feel more comfortable at Humber.

“I feel the BSA is really empowering for black youth,” Dadebc said.

Amanda Vil, another BSA member agrees, adding it helps her make connections within the community.

“It’s a family that makes you feel liberated,” Vil said.

Suzanne Brooks with the Graduate School of Education and Human Development in Washington, DC, reported in a 2013 study that students in college should join clubs.

She found campus clubs are a great place for people to make friends and get to know peers with shared interests, including camaraderie, networking and activism.

“Clubs and organizations are a big part of college life,” Brooks stated.