Bubble bash soccer shows fun side of sport

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Sports

Linda Huynh
Sports Reporter

Sports management students’ host bubble soccer in recognition of RBC’s National Sports Day last Saturday.

Humber College closed down its usual open gym time for a bubbly event gathering in over a hundred students. Second year sports management students presented “The Bubble Bash” this Wednesday, originally from 11 a.m. until three, but by popular request extended it until five p.m. Bubble soccer is a safe way to play the sport adding an element of contact wherein the player is strapped in an inflatable oversized beach ball.

The purpose of the event was to fundraise and raise awareness for sport generally, said Brian Steinman, 20-years-old and vice president of finance for the event.

“We want to talk about the power of sport and how it influences people,” Steinman said.

Students were welcomed outside of Athletics with tables of baked goods, Humber swag and more available for purchase. All donations went to Jump Start, a foundation run by Canadian Tire to support kids that cannot afford sports. There were also raffles for signed sports equipment, gift baskets and certificates, game tickets and cash prizes.

“We wanted to get everyone out in the gym, get people active and keeping fit,” said Andre Hodges, 24 and a part of the promotion and marketing team for the event.

“Like how I keep saying it, getting people to burst [their] bubble,” he said.

Once students signed a waiver, they were allowed to participate in the obstacle course and soccer game for no charge. The obstacle course was a chance for students to get comfortable in the bubble before playing in a game.

“It was so fun. It’s been on my bucket list forever,” said Brittani Morrison, 19 and second-year fitness and health promotions student.

“I’ve always seen it online, but never thought it would come to Humber. I think it’s a great way to raise money while bouncing off other people,” Morrison says.

The sports management students have been planning the event since the school year began. Steinman said the event turned out even better than he expected.