Bus loop at Humber’s North campus to ease access

by | Nov 21, 2014 | News

Nick Westoll
News Reporter

As the debate continues on how to enhance public transit in Toronto, Humber College is looking at making it easier for students to get to and from campus.

As of summer 2015, all of the 1,200 to 1,300 TTC, York Regional Transit, MiWay, Brampton Transit and GO Transit buses that service Humber North campus will enter college grounds to pick up students at a new bus terminal in front of the still under-construction Learning Resource Commons (LRC).

The new arrangement will be “safer, less walking, more convenient — so (the bus loop) is really exciting,” Humber manager of sustainability Lindsay Walker said.

Buses will come in through B entrance. Traffic flows will be adjusted accordingly.

Walker said that students would be able to wait inside the LRC and check the real-time status of their bus. She added Humber is cognizant of the longer wait times and cramped rides students face, but she said that the transit agencies regularly adjust their service to North campus.

However, Walker also noted that there is additional pressure to increase service to Lakeshore campus
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113, which represents transit workers in Toronto and York Region, released a plan called Toronto’s Transit Future last Monday, containing 68 recommendations aimed at improving the TTC system. For instance, the plan calls for 10 minutes or better service on several routes, a re-branded airport improvement service and better connections on overnight routes.

Union local president Bob Kinnear called on all Torontonians during a press conference Nov. 10 to demand better transit from area political representatives.

“It’s important that we get sustainable, specific, on-going funding,” Kinnear said at the gathering. “I think if we come together in Toronto, we can ensure that all political leaders put forward a platform that will enable Toronto to grow.”

Matthew Boscariol, senior assistant to the chair of the TTC, councillor Maria Augimeri, said Augimeri supports all of the recommendations put forward by the union.

For students looking to escape the bus, there is a carpooling service on campus through the organization Smart Commute.

Walker said that students can post ads through a website to find carpooling partners. Students that carpool are eligible to get preferred parking closer to campus buildings through the Department of Public Safety.

The Sustainability office also promotes walking and cycling as alternative transportation modes.