Business students hold Sick Kids fundraiser

by | Dec 9, 2016 | News

Patrick Simpson

News reporter

First-year Business Management students hosted a holiday themed bake sale to raise money for charity in the Student Centre at North campus Dec. 2. The event raised nearly $200 for the Hospital for Sick Children’s medical foundation.

Megan De Jong, one of the students hosting the sale, said her group chose Sick Kids because “it was a charity that we all knew a lot about, and it’s a bigger charity. So I think it was a little easier to find out more information for our report and we all feel strongly about it.”

The group made everything from cupcakes and brownies to cookies all decorated and wrapped in a Christmas theme.

The bake sale was part of an assignment for the Business Management class where students were allowed to choose what to focus on and what to sell. More than just grades, this bake sale hits home for many Humber students who were happy to help.

Nathan Duncan, a first year Film and Television student, donated money to the sale.

“My brother is at Sick Kids right now so that’s great for him,” said Duncan. “He’s going to get some support.”

Sheena Brown, a first year student in the Paralegal Education program, said her sister also was helped by the hospital.

“She spent a lot of time there for the first 11 months of her life, so I’m always into supporting a good cause,” Brown said.