Businesses retain high sales despite strains of Valentine’s skepticism

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Life

Michael Piccoli
News Reporter

The celebration of love can be polarizing. People in relationships may love the day of love, while others in relationships may be sick of it. Single individuals may not care, while others may feel particularly sad on Feb. 14.

What’s apparent is that not everyone enjoys the high Valentine’s Day prices that tend to dent many wallets.

Some stores and restaurants are known for driving up their prices during this time in February.

Masud Hussein from Edible Arrangements, said the store has many Valentine’s fruit arrangements that can include gourmet chocolate.  These Valentine’s Day promotions range from $39 and higher.  Hussein explained Edible Arrangements has seasonal prices, and Valentine’s Day promotions tend to be more expensive than their usual prices.

With longer store hours during this time, “February is definitely one of the busiest months for Edible Arrangements.”

Norman Jeddes from Russell’s Flower Shop, also noted longer hours and special Valentine’s Day promotions.

“Valentine’s Day is the single busiest day of the year, hands down,” said Jeddes.

Although he did not say that their prices are higher during this time, he explained that the store’s suppliers increase their prices for Valentine’s Day.

While some Humber students will find themselves stretching their budgets for such products, however, others simply don’t care about the occasion.

Kelsey Fisher, a first-year Humber Funeral Services student, is one of those. Fisher has recently been engaged and still does not look forward to the day.

“I appreciate a random Tuesday more than Valentine’s Day.  This holiday is just another marketable day for many people.”

Usama Naseem, a second-year Business Administration student, said that Valentine’s Day is just another occasion for businesses to exploit couples.

Naseem conceded, however, “if I was in a relationship, I may consider celebrating the day.”