Buying local at Humber

by | Nov 7, 2014 | News

Morgan Gallagher
Queen’s Park/City Hall Reporter

The first Tuesday in November marked the Humber Students’ Federation’s (HSF) Farmer’s Market.

Along with students, this year the market sparked the interest of vendors who have ties with the school.

“We love Humber. I’m a graduate of the beekeeping course at (University of) Guelph and my daughter graduated from Guelph so we’re very familiar with the school. Any way we can help and support it, we’re happy to,” said Mona Cormier from Bees are Life Inc.

Selling products to students is one thing, but getting them interested in sustainability and buying local was another topic of which HSF wanted to raise awareness.

“It’s always good to know whatever you eat is locally grown, period, and it’s good to know where exactly things are coming from,” said Candace Pellew, HSF vice president of student affairs at Lakeshore campus.

It may seem odd to wait to host a farmers market in November, but HSF had a good reason for holding off.

“September is when we had our by-election and our frosh (week), so it was such a crazy time, but that’s just how politics works. A lot of our programming was actually limited that month. That’s probably one of the main reasons why it didn’t happen then,” Pellew said.

Bees are Life seemed to be among the busiest locations at the market this past week. Along with selling honey-based creams, soaps and lip balms, Bees are Life was giving students information on where their product was coming from.

“It is important to get a better education of where your food comes from and learn about the importance of shopping local and eating local foods. We hope to educate (students) a bit about the product,” said Cormier.

Humber students had seen advertisements for the market and said they were finding some cool products.

“What’s better than fresh produce? Especially when you are a baking or culinary student. I called my mom and she told me to look for honeycomb, because she loves it,” said first-year baking and pastry arts management student Emily Trzcinski.

Pellew said HSF is hoping that by holding this and future farmer’s markets, students will be able to learn a bit more about where their food is coming from and where they can buy their food at a discount.

“It’s always good to support your local community and products that come from there,” said Pellew.

“It’s kind of cool and convenient to bring it to school, and have it here, and have students be able to tap into these resources. Were trying to make sure that students have even more options of getting discounted rates for their items.”