Cafe LinX, Humber 96.9 team up to sell $1 coffees

by | Apr 22, 2019 | News

Nathaniel Smith, Arts and Life Reporter

Cafe LinX partnered up with 96.9 Radio Humber to sell $1 coffee to Humber students on April 16 at the LRC ramp.

Dennis Moore (right) asking Humber students what drinks they have and want, on April 16 at the LRC ramp. (Nathaniel Smith)

The event was from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to promote cafe LinX’s signature coffee and other beverages at a discounted price to encourage students to visit the cafe in the LX .

Coffee and Ice Coffee, which usually sells at $1.99, were sold at $1, while smoothies — strawberry banana, mango, mango-pineapple, were $4. Students who brought their own mug would get free coffee.

Zachary Fortin (left) and Spencer Seymour (right) showing the prices of the Cafe LinX drinks to Humber Students on April 16 at the LRC ramp.

“If you have 8 a.m classes you’re going to need coffee in the morning, $4 for coffee is going to add up on you especially as a college student,” said Spencer Seymour, a Radio Humber student.

The event was focused on affordability and letting students know that not all food places on campus are expensive.

Cafe Linx located at LX110 use to be known as LinX lounge, but over the past two semesters had altered into a cafe. LinX’s major issue is the tricky location it is placed, which can make it a hard spot for students to find if they are unfamiliar with the Cafe.

Jessica Wernick a Radio Humber student who is familiar with the issue reminded students buying drinks which building LinX is at.

“Café LinX is a hidden gem on campus right now so we really want to bring attention to it,” Wernick said.

The line for drinks was consistent throughout the whole event giving the LinX team a boost and understanding of the students as they shared how much they spend on Coffee in an average day of school.

Jessica Wernick, a Radio Humber student, encouraged students to buy a discounted drink provided by Cafe LinX and 96.9 Radio Humber on April 16 at the LRC ramp. (Nathaniel Smith)

Alex Hoa, the assistant manager of Cafe LinX and campus services, acknowledged how the 96.9 Radio Humber students helped make the event possible.

“Radio Humber students are giving us an edge by reaching out to students, letting them know about the backstory of Linx and sharing our social media posts,” she said.

Alex Hoa, assistant manager of Cafe LinX and campus services, makes drinks for Humber students while promoting the Cafe on April 16 at the LRC ramp. (Nathaniel Smith)

Cafe LinX looks to collaborate with Radio Humber again in the near future to showcase other services they provide.

“Café LinX year round has the best-priced coffee on campus, I feel that they demonstrated that today,” Seymour said.