Can Japanese Reiki massage heal stress?

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Life

Chelsea Alphonso 
Life reporter

A little time, no work, and some cash could be all it takes to get rid of your depression, anxiety, and stress.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. “It’s is an exchange of energy,” said Ann Connor-Lewis, a local energy therapist who specializes in Reiki.

Reiki is administered with the patient fully clothed and in contrast to most forms of massage uses a light touch over their body. Rates in Toronto by qualified practitioners generally run from $60 an hour upwards.

“Reiki works through clearing blockages within our chakras that obstruct our flow of energy,” said Connor-Lewis.

“Everyone who is on a self discovery path will find that Reiki is an amazing healthy opportunity which works on all the levels: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual,”said Maria Sidorova, a Toronto Reiki therapist who has been working for 10 years.

Sidorova has seen patients who have experienced recent trauma which resulted in black and blue bruises. These patients come back after treatment with the areas that were treated showing accelerated healing, in contrast to the untreated areas that remain very sore, and raw.

Even if someone comes for treatment for a physical symptom, they can walk away with emotional healing they didn’t intend on concentrating on, according to Sidorova.

Because Reiki affects all aspects of our being, Reiki can work for anyone, even if they are skeptical, said Connor-Lewis.

Reiki, although still in the underground of western medical practice, has been acknowledged as an effective treatment from the likes of television medical personality Dr. Mehmet Oz.

He uses Reiki for postoperative care for his patients.

For Leanne Henwood-Adam, Humber’s fitness coordinator, it took an unexplainable experience to get her past her skeptical thoughts to realize the capabilities around the ancient practice.

“Reiki reinforced what I’ve always believed in that we all have the ability to make a change in this world,” she said.

The interesting thing about Reiki therapy is that anyone can learn how to practice it; the key thing is a desire to help those in need.

“I am just a cable or a wire that energy is flowing through, so every time I do a healing, this intelligent energy knows what needs to be done,” said Sidorova.