Cannabis on campus: no problem, man

by | Jan 28, 2019 | News

Madeline Jafarnejad, News Reporter

Humber College has not seen any negative ramifications of cannabis legalization so far, said Rob Killfoyle, Director of Public Safety.

“It’s been really anti-climatic,” he said. Only two notable incidents have taken place on campus since the legalization on Oct. 17,  2018, he said.

“In one case we ended up having to contact the police to help us,” Killfoyle said. “But by the time police had got here they had finished and moved along on their own.”

Signs around the school say “Not Here” to specifically remind students that using cannabis is prohibited on the property. Some students have been reluctant to comply to the rules, which have changed, and have chosen to still smoke up at school.

But the smoking ban includes cigarettes and vapes, which were also outlawed on campus, the residences and the Arboretum on Jan. 1.

This new rule is a part of Humber’s new initiative to become to the healthiest campus in Canada.

Student smoking a joint on school property. (Madeline Jafarnejad)

Getting high at home before coming to class however is not against Humber’s policies.

Nonetheless, there have also been no reported behavioural issues in classes since the legalization.

“Why would there be?” said Maryam Yussuf, a first year Web Design student at Humber. “Weed is not like alcohol. It doesn’t make people act crazy, they’re just relaxed.”

“Relaxed” may sound like a good thing but Pearlyn Ng, Research and Knowledge Exchange Coordinator at the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health, says it’s not a good thing for a young student’s brain.

“Cannabis alters mental processes such as such as cognition,” she said. “And those who start using it earlier in life are more at risk to have these problems later.”