Career Centre launches new job interview prep program

by | Sep 25, 2015 | News

Serge Halytsky
News Reporter

Humber College Academic Career and Success Centre introduced a new job interview preparation program this fall.

Unlike the previous text-heavy manuals, it is now based on infographics. It also includes short job interview videos posted on the Centre’s YouTube Channel.

“It is very important for students to know what to expect when they are going to a job interview,” says Angella Nunes, a career adviser at the Career Centre.

So for that purpose the Centre prepared handouts with nicely laid out infographics that students can print from the Career Centre website and a few videos that take them through the interview process.

To access all that information Career Centre encourages students to go to the Students can also access it from the main Humber website.

“Students really appreciate new manuals,” Nunes said. “It’s infographics, it’s step by step, so it’s easy for them to have visual memorization. As well on the YouTube Channel, those videos are very brief, less than a minute each, so in very short time they can absorb and extract necessary information.”

Going from text-heavy manual to infographics based brief manual came from understanding that at the age of information people would appreciate more brevity and they like to see pictures. Plus in the Career Centre they are trying to keep pulse on the trends, on the new tools and resourses. They are getting ideas from students, especially from work-study students, because they rest on social media and know the newest.

“I believe we changed the methodology of delivering this message,” Byung Oh, the student adviser at the Career Centre said. “Now we make them visually attractive and easy to digest.”

Oh also points that there are many useful resources available, like resume samples, but not too many students aware of it.