Career Centre offers 1,000 on-campus jobs for Humber students

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Biz/Tech

Nicole Williams
Biz/Tech Reporter

Humber College’s Career Centre not only provides career support to students and alumni but helps connect current students to about 1,000 part-time jobs available on campus.


Such positions allow students to work anywhere between eight and 12 hours a week on campus while completing their studies at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber.

“It’s a great opportunity for students because they don’t have to worry about working after classes. They can work their jobs into their timetable in between classes,” said Christine Colosimo, head advisor at the centre.

Every department on campus employs students. Jobs on campus can include anything from lab technicians to working with student athletes in the Athletic Centre to planting flowers in the Arboretum.


Job eligibility on campus is based on a student’s financial need.


Chante Morgan, a fourth-year Business Administration student, works as a career advising assistant at the Career Centre.

Morgan says working on campus has given her unique working experience not easily found elsewhere for a student working part-time.

“We work with a lot of employers. My interpersonal skills have really improved. I talk to people on a daily basis that normally I wouldn’t have talked to before. I’ve also learned how professionals speak to other professionals,” said Morgan.


Allison Baker, 20, a Kinesiology student at Guelph-Humber who is also a career advising assistant, says working on campus allows her to keep her education at top priority.

“Being a Kinesiology student and working can be pretty crazy, but working here you have really flexible hours. You never feel like you have to put school second,” said Baker.


Beyond Humber-based jobs, Humber and University of Guelph-Humber students and alumni can come in to the centre and get the help they need for any kind of career-related aid: resume critiquing, interview preparation and even help with marketing thier social media accounts towards potential employers.


Heather Foell, a fourth year Kinesiology student at Guelph-Humber, made an appointment with the Career Centre to have her resume reviewed for a job application.


“It was a really simple process,” said Foell. “I came in to the Career Centre to get another opinion. While my family have my best interest at heart, I needed someone with an unbiased opinion,” she said.


Foell says she’s looking to apply to Top Hat, a competitive start-up that focuses on improving the classroom environment by integrating technology and instructor involvement in the learning experience.


“It was great because I was able to come in here, and have someone look at my resume and tell me exactly what employers are looking for,” said Foell, adding that someone was a fellow student.


The Career Centre will be moving into the new LRC Building at the end of April. It will share the space with The Recruitment Centre, said Colosimo.


“It’s going to be wonderful. We’ll be able to help students from orientation to graduation. It’ll be really good having us all together, and collaboratively working for that student from beginning to end,” said Colosimo.